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Luxury protocol: in order to obtain an advantage, and not in the common system, or simply another facial and pedicure in the learning process special protocols that are shared in the program, you will be able to put on a great source of income by means of specialized treatments in common in the course. Your fingers and your hands don’t get tired: as therapists, with their own hands and fingers are always exposed to stress and daily wear and tear. The protocols with the proper use of the Kansa Poles receive less tired and reduce excess tension in the muscles. Your nails don’t dig into the skin, nails, drill into the customer, even those who are sensitive to the touch if you feel comfortable with the Tires, of massage. Personally, and, however, it is not invasive, this treatment is wonderful for every person. All natural treatment: each and every one of their customers, who do not want to use artificial and chemical products that would love this treatment!!!!! What is more? This course is the complete package that comes with a 100% Satisfaction 60-Day Money back Guarantee, which means that there is absolutely no risk, if you think this doesn’t work for you, you can write to us for a refund. In the depths of the knowledge transmitted, in this case, the practice of teaching, the effectiveness of the instruments and their protocols, which gives us a lot of confidence, and, therefore, the Ayurveda Experience gives you the total of aid, with the 3 components of the service: “This tool seems to really work. I can see the difference in the size of the pores of my skin feels a little tighter. Used only twice and is very pleasant to use, that I’ve used for the last night, before you go to bed and I slept very well from 9 to 8, and not in the day. It is strange!” Kimberley Rauchelle: “LOVE!!! I use it for the first time, the customers of today and it was awesome!!! I thought it was going to be a bit of a learning curve and the time needed to get the hang of it in my hands. This is not the case at all. I felt very comfortable, as I have been performing this technique for ages!!!” Cate Campbell “as soon as I started using it, I immediately felt an incredible power.

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