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Veteran Life Mentor Reveals Her 100% Tested Safety Systems For The Management Of Social Media Addiction. Here is the Golden Ticket to Saving Fading Relationships, a Thriving Career and a Happier Life in general… start to Enjoy All These Things Today! Desk of Liz Davis, Life Mentor & Social Media Expert Dear Friend, the birth of social media is perhaps the most monumental shift on the Internet in the last twenty years. With the advent of the Internet, people have been surprised by the way in which information is transmitted at the speed of light. What we see now is a 360-degree view of the development of the Internet. The Internet is increasingly used as a substitute for real communication… But something insidious is hiding in the details. The problem started at the end of the decade of the nineties. The doctors and scientists started documenting important changes in the way in which the Internet affects their lives. Their results were shocking. The people were connected to the Internet, as a child, the relationship with him, to his mother for comfort. Before you think of something. Why would someone use the internet for hours, anyway? Why would someone want to develop an addiction, is something artificial? Then, a new concept has emerged: Internet addiction. But before the experts to put their minds around this strange behavior, everything started to change, to evolve, and at a certain point, the Internet itself started spinning into a completely new world that took everyone by surprise – and nothing was the same. Fast forward to today, where smartphones, tablets, and computers in almost every home and office in today’s world. Statistics, it is estimated that Facebook has over a billion active users in a given day. By reading this article, More than 100 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube for the whole world. In the course of 24 hours, people post a total of 400 million times to their followers and friends. And as 400 million tweets fly around the world, computers, smartphones and tablets are humming to the tune of 700 billion minutes it looks as if the content on Facebook. It is clear that there is something wrong and yet, because of the gratification offered by social media, people have a hard place. Social media is now an integral part of people’s lives. It can not be completely separated from the modern life-style. And here lies the Problem… People are more and more dependent on social networking, to the point of not knowing what happened to her. The test is social media addiction causing havoc in your life at this time? I have a couple of questions that may help us to answer this… social media will prevent you from paying full attention to the family, friends, and even work in the office? Do you feel annoyed that you have to do things for other people, when I checked Facebook or other social media site? You have a hard time focusing on what you need to do, because often, the uncontrollable desire to check social networks? In cases where the use of social media has had a negative impact in any area of your life (relationships, family or work)? Someone said that this behavior is not normal, and it is possible to have a problem? Have you tried to change or stop the use of social media, from the evil of what you have done? Have you tried to reduce your social networking, usually short, only to return to old habits after a short period of time? IMPORTANT: If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it is possible to suffer from Social Media Addiction. Digital Addiction is REAL Social Media Addiction (SMA) is a condition of compulsive behavior is characterized by an uncontrollable need to use social media, websites, and services. What many do not know is that you don’t need a physical drug or substance to develop addiction. A true addiction can occur when a person devotes a lot of time and energy to something that provides a perceived reward or benefit. Social media addiction is real, and here’s why: Medical researchers from the united states and the united kingdom have recently discovered, in particular, changes in the human brain, when people use social media. Several studies have shown that social media affected the pleasure center of the brain. The pleasure center of the brain, also known as the nucleus accumbens, which is responsible for rewarding the mind and body when we do or receiving something that is perceived as “good”, such as sex, money, gambling, drugs, alcohol, etc…. It seems that social media was actually stimulating the pleasure center of the brain, becomes a source of instant pleasure, like cigarettes and alcohol. In another study also found that social media has caused a great memory for a long period of time, in comparison with the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. From a scientific point of view, social media is even more addictive compared to the brain of tobacco and alcohol Experts agree that if the use of social networks with more than two hours in each day, it can be an early signal of the impending problem. This problem can convert a terrible addiction very quickly. The consequences of Social Media Addiction Choosing online interactions (e. g. Facebook chat) over real life conversations and interactions like going out with friends. Whole families start to break up, because of the lack of real communication. A couple begins to have problems with relationships because of the lack of communication. Are social media while eating or just being together with someone is a hallmark sign of social media addiction and should not be ignored. Social media addiction can also lead to inappropriate behavior like “sexting” and the publication of sexual content material online. These types of behavior that can lead to the destruction of a person’s personality online and in the real world reputation. A person can become a fanatic who is obsessed with the means of social communication, to avoid all advice and good sense in favor of their addiction. Work and productivity takes a big hit because of the sudden loss of attention and desire to complete the task. Frequent and uncontrollable checking of social media networks. “Substitution”, or ” right “to live” the life with the uploading pictures, tweeting and posting online the allowed to ignore the people around you. Social media is becoming in the midst of life. This is the first thing you see at night and the first thing you look at before you do anything else. To create more time in social media, without neglecting responsibilities and commitments to other people. Withdrawal symptoms, when a person is able to use social media, when you feel the need to do this, the Anxiety and the depression can also set in even if you have full access to social media networks, you need to get a social media fix will increase exponentially over time, magnifying existing problems, that may occur in the social media addiction Social media addiction may be rooted in digital abuse… But it is a real solution! In my study of social media addiction, I realized that the behavior of addiction it would be completely wrong to try to solve the problem with prescription drugs, or going cold turkey. Such drastic measures only serve to feed the desire of the mind to understand the source of the joy. Remember: simply using social media stimulates the part of the brain that gives you pleasure. You have to step on a shaky ground, if you think that the brain is not going to give up on social media abuse. I have created a different approach to combat this cruel enemy. I know that it would have been a difficult challenge, but I had a couple of secret weapons in the powerplay, which is totally destroyed social media addiction and keep it forever! Introducing Liz Davis ‘ BEAT SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION 6 Audio Training Modules And a Full Transcription in PDF format is available for immediate Download! If you or someone you know is suffering from full-blown addiction to social media, Beat Social Media Addiction can be the best in the real world, the solution you’ve been waiting for. This system was developed through years of research and supported by the most recent findings on this evolved form of addictive behavior. If you want to try to beat your habit before and have failed, this will work for you. If you are concerned about someone who is showing signs of SMA this is the basis for a new life.

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