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The next time I met Jeanine said, “I do not know if I can do it, Jeanine – I try to open a personal and individual training for women $ 4,000.00 a variety of low-cost training materials – I do not know really where to start, and my schedule is reserved from sunrise to sunset – as you find the time He said: “The first thing you should do is to stop new customers and to stop publishing ads in local newspapers – just enough time in your schedule to do this series of textbooks for, I can find a good photographer and having done this project in a week ..Just think, Joey – when ready they are likely to do less than the cost of one year with you all the program for women worldwide. They are larger than Jack LaLanne. The first thing I do, stop running ads in local newspapers – my time to release, to create a manual of 100 pages for women …To stop the screen running, and after a couple of weeks I have time to clear your schedule, get all the action and photographers gathered to coordinate the whole year, we take pictures …colorful and all photos – – Like a man on fire, I did a complete manual can be obtained in about 10 days, which turns out to be a good series of three … and if I had filled, Jeanine was created in the title – “leg decide, buttocks, hips, thighs and abdomen reform” – including FIRMETRICS (TM)When I started to put together the package and Marketing Manual – I went to a file that a stack of “thank you” letters and certificates of all female clients (and some of their spouses ;-)) contains, as the tip of a Chantal says – and began to collect all the great benefits that I could find.What women have in their own words”To shake the bad bumps, waves and shadows and get a smooth and sexy poster …To recover my body, satisfactory feminine side, which seems a balanced and feminine approach – as a kind of bad image, strange looking …My legs, buttocks, hips and thighs are leaner, tighter and more solid – the” lift “without surgery …”My instinct” dog “and” muffin top “became smaller every week until they disappear …

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