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David grabbed her bag during the night and checked into the hotel, he feels shocked and confused as he was.Late that night, Annie slowly made his way to the kitchen …He sat down at the kitchen table, her pain fudge sundae chocolate drowning, he heard a voice behind him …There were five-year-old daughter. Sofia. He stopped wearing pajamas holding her teddy bear.”When my father at home?” He asked, in a quiet, vibration.And when Annie struck like lightning. Just. He knew that he had to change.And “one thing for him, so that your weight is to destroy your health and put you in the hospital …But now he breaks his family and destroy your precious child.This has the effect of expensive medicines which suffered taken in order to keep blood pressure under control.He was tired, you can have high heels so thick that they use one. Not only that, it is too small to contain it, give it, literally, your weight when you are using the …I’m tired to climb with disabilities as people seemed to feel a simple task over the ladder to climb Everest …And above all, Annie was afraid that if you do not know the real solution, quickly … as soon as the baby is crying at the funeral.That night, he brought the girl to the ground and go back to bed … Then he kissed her and whispered: “Mom will be better, I promise ..”Then Annie receives Internet and immersed in the study. As a news reporter, you can dig deep and do not stop until he found the answer to this question …The question we want to answer, well …In other words, how to melt fat as quickly, safely and naturally – it is, in a sense, stress and hassle, so that literally anyone can do it.Even if you hate the diet …Even if you do not have time to use – or Annie wants, and your body is unable to cope with a lot of practice to be able to …Annie has found a surprising solution that I’ll give you a moment … but first he had to find two dangerous lies the truth in the weight loss industry that feeds us throughout our lives.Two false So you should not blame if you do not have a flat stomach or reduce the size you want – because it’s not your fault.The first major weight loss, that is:Losing weight reduces “more exercise and calorie restriction.”Here’s the problem. If you exercise more, your body needs more muscle mass calories.The more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism and the easier it is to burn body fat.But if you move more and reduce the number of calories consumed at the same time, it kills the body’s ability to burn fat!

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