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Most people in video sales letters do not sell anything. Not because they can not do video (the easy part), but they know not what they say their videos to really make a sale!It helps solve the problem, is a proven solution that can be used today to dramatically improve the results of the letter for video sales with a better script formula. Some of these pieces can be a phrase, but it’s always important to get the idea of a video sales letter powerful.As a side note: If you are a runner, not hurt in my example. It may be a little extreme in my example, but this is for illustrative purposes only. I was 10 years in the mortgage broker and the broker, so I’m very aware that I take sides back the following example.Part 1 – Opening with the shocking Declaration.Begin with a startling statement that is bound to attract the attention of your audience and snap out of hypnosis than they are now.For example: Warning owners. Are you a real estate agent to give 50% or more of their hard earned capital to fly?Part 2 – State problem and therefore the “big deal.In this section tell the public what problems they face are, and why is something that can not be ignored. I often make the list of balls, especially when I VSL PowerPoint..Example: Calculate Even real estate agent a commission of 6%, the Commission can do much of their own capital represented, especially in today’s market. or:You pay a lot of their profits only be the home of the MLS are listed, which may or may not be sold,Most agents display a list of homes to show never sell even.You pay for the house to make the database online, and is the essence of it!Mix the problem means making things worse. Rubbing the nose, so it is much worse than what they think. Especially if it is either looking at the head in the sand, or just do not know what a big deal it is for them.It example: But is not the end of the problems … is actually getting worse!If you pay all stockbroker without large down payment on your next home made.In fact, a lower down payment, you can not get at home you want, because the broker must use the capital to make payments on your Mercedes!Ex: And what is worse, despite all the promises they make, how the house, the only real approach to real estate agents, most of them are responsible for lower prices, sold – took another hit off capital. Realtors do not care if a penny away in the heritage walk, provided they receive a commission. They do not believe me? Ask a broker to take a small commission to sell your home and see what they say.It shows them that you are the solution to their problems. You can save the day!For example: Fortunately for you, now there is a solution. Presentation of the “sale only at home,” where you can find:.His house and store all the Commission for sale.How to get the visibility of a home than any online broker can give you.Specific strategies at home for the maximum price benefit.How to get a free work of estate agents, and pay for it only when really bring a buyer..Here face and gives the main reasons for this is the way you want to solve their problems. Right here, your company, and others for sale, to take what they need…Eg: But I’m ahead of myself Hello, my name is Jim Edwards .. At this point you are probably wondering … who I am and how I can make these claims?

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