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This form of trial balance, has been in most Countries of the World where German shepherd dogs, will be created and displayed. As a result, there is Improvement in the character of the German shepherd, but there is still room for improvement.

This test courage is a positive Step Towards Improving the protective instinct of the German shepherd dog. This is the best proof that it was invented, until today, but this does not mean that the test is reliable.

There are Times when a German shepherd dog, and focuses on the Neck and hands, Guilty, as he calls it, Plunder, lose Interest in, the real Threat is the culprit.

If you Are in a real situation, the real criminals, and not the Box Factor, Bad, it is possible that, in many Cases, the Dog would be very happy, against the Estate of Objects, to ignore the Criminals, and forget the real Goal.

It is also a sad fact that in recent Years, a relatively large Number of Dogs, in the report of the winners, in Germany, after this test for courage. In 2007, the winners are nothing less than 47 Shows that this test courage, was a very high Level.

Last Year, in 2008 the Number is slightly better, there was only 36 years old, he has won. This shows some Improvement. Disappointment, however, it is important to note that many of these Animals are not able to show the best paying lines in Germany.

I am In contact with many German shepherd dog (owner) years of age, and in the fact that a girl! 🙂

My name is Michael Tapscott and Im a bit of DISTILLERS dried grains with solubles (even if it is only the women of the time), and I am also a volunteer at the rescue dogs of a meeting of the organisation of the fleadh of the year, so Ill have enough of this wonderful film.
There are, of course, we know that all the films of a dog, German shepherd dog is not an exception. The German shepherd dog is one of the most popular of all breeds, most likely, is commitment and courage.

But you need to understand, to develop attention, education, love, and the address of the company, for girls, for your dog, qualities.

The sin of the heroic, I am, for me and I am for the research, writing, and conversation with the priest, the German trainers, vets, importers, dog owners and wellknown pose for the final German priest guide.
You will discover all withhow to choose the right a German father and housebreak Themselves, to meet with the taf of the scale, and the film, how to train a dog to execute the commands…


It is clear that there is improvement in the natural, inherent instinct to protect the creator of the German shepherd dog, you need to pay more Attention to the creation of Animals, with a strong temperament. It is recommended that the Animals have been particularly welltested Courage, the winner, and to use these Lines.

It was a lot easier, when introduced for the first time in 2008, a new feature, courage, an annual that Hzs.

For the first time the court of auditors is an award winner of 2008, the sixteen German shepherd, has recorded the best Performance test of Courage, the dog will react better to the Threat of the Author, the majority has shown the Enthusiasm, and the best proof that the instinct of selfdefense.

The list of sixteen best performance Dog test of courage, was the German S. V. germanyLoved dog, happy Dog, this is a desirable feature of a strong instinct of protection, it is recommended to write a List, and the Study of blood and breeding lines.Now I am the Owner of the German shepherd dog. This is one of the most beautiful that our friends, the Dogs. It is very popular with many People, and makes a good guard dog. Unlike other Dogs and needs a dog, Shepherd, dog, training, which fits well with His Family.

Big, strong and athletic, these Dogs need a little advice on a spiritual level. You also need a lot of exercise. Shepherd, dog, training, and it is probably this which means that it Is possible that the Dog has almost everything that you want. The shepherds, the germans are better when facing tasks that arise. I am very eager to serve and make People happy. A lot of police officers, the use of a service Dog. When it is called, is a Process that can be combined.

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