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When the brain does not receive blood and oxygen needed for work, he often has side effects such as headaches and migraines.You need tirelessly working relationships, and energy levels are adversely affected.EXAMPLE Peak performance.Head forward posture, or that a little “to” collar “has shown that causes a decrease in muscle strength that involved breathing breathing to reduce by 30% and cut lung capacity that affect athletic performance.Poor posture of the head has been shown to reduce testosterone levels by 20% and increases the hormone cortisol by 25% fat storage.DailyDeal before the second day entertainment head.This does not mean that there is no closer to irreversible damage to the neck, back.If the problem seems so obvious and therefore undesirable symptoms, we must ask, why not do to solve this problem in his head forward posture?Why this hesitation is a problem that doctors and medical diagnostics posture?Go to the doctor complaining of back pain and to treat the symptoms that suggest back pain, often locally, to reduce pain or ability to exercise with medication.In connection with the posture headfirst many different symptoms of the same or generally taste and other issues, it remains unclear position headlong if a root of all symptoms.Therefore, physicians usually symptoms of lack of exercise or stress to blame.They are wrong, of course, because you exercise regularly, you may suffer a head before, simply because of the way you sit or text every day.As you can see, it’s not your fault.But now that you know this, you can do something ….To understand why, it is a starting point.The Internet has a lot of experts and ask coaches who are too willing to lead their strategy before to share.They typically provide some form of static stretching to improve back and neck, you can first bit ‘of relief.

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