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prepare for the next four weeks for your high-speed body to lose fat. I want to promote the “metabolic transformation. This is the time when you return your metabolism” normality “has set a new high-level mark. Once you get used to” run “faster, which of course the new entry or metabolism baseline (BMR) of the body.This is along the metabolism into three parts:Step 1: more muscles, each repetition and increasing the metabolic cost.Step 2: Formation of the whole battery and increasing the metabolic cost of each line.Step 3: Create the first body fat, lose, then a “metabolic switch” quickly lose fat, yet to come.Q: There is a complete loss of fat diet “very” difficult?It ‘a good question, and I’ll do it again. No, it should not be too difficult, but it’s hard to find a relative term. Why is it difficult for you?When it comes, it is always out of your comfort zone, then yes, it will be difficult. If the exercise of a program too advanced or too extreme exercise, is not it. the total loss of fat from the throttle body with a ninja-design program for all levels, to assume at all levels, and each designed to get a good workout.I want that throughout the training day 1. And ‘a good job. Make no mistake, to move, or to refuse a weight loss program. However, it is to get a fire and a slim body systematic and lose fat. This is as fast as possible, but in good health because we have developed this program for you if required.Secondly, it does not meet the preparation of Olympic and professional athletes. And ‘beautiful, the potential of their processes in the world of sport is to see the body and capable. I serve the people always to maximize fat loss in one way and the desired speed has helped me to solve. As you can see along with fat loss it is not the only advantage is that, even if it is very advanced, is an extraordinary gift.Q: What is the extraction of the fat? I just heard of rebound weight gain. How is it different?Before you talk about losing fat rebound, so that we are gaining weight on the same side of the bounce, and what will happen:

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