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In honor of the American Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776 it was signed decided to offer access to my files for only $ 17. 76.Moreover, to make it easier to get a fast start, I developed a special playlist of your favorite 76 Power Affirmations my my collection ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ dedicated to helping you declare financial independence.When access to my requested documents, see the top of the page downloads.I also added an electronic book that offers suggestions for use in 76 countries.I am often asked the best way to start the claims. I think these 76 states are the best place to start. Although the main goal is not economic, I realized that all goals are much easier to achieve after achieving economic independence.Here are other files on the download site.There are four categories of tools:1. 488 MP3 files energy needs.2. More than 100 slideshows. This includes a slideshow I created a complete copy of ‘The Science of Getting Rich. ‘Although the books are available from many sources, this is the only place to PowerPoint.December 4, audiobooks, including my recording studio ‘The Science of Getting Rich’.Then you can get more information about the different products:1. 488 statements recording studio Power MP3 (8 hours recorded statements) Format…The first application Power MP3 203 (3 hours). These statements inspired by people like Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and Dale Carnegie. 6 main groups, including the increase in self-confidence to achieve their goals, better health, better relationships and value creation.285 MP3 allegations of energy, inspired by ‘The Science of Getting Rich ‘by Wallace D. Wattles (5 hours). To create these statements, I reviewed the book in detail and made statements every important idea. The aim is to control the thoughts of the book – and use these ideas to demonstrate the results you want in your life.Consider the song ‘All 488 independent requirements and just the right idea. This means you can play all the entries you want, random, etc.What can make a list of songs that can make these recordings.You can also get 488 Power Affirmations in text format.

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