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If there is a change in the time, or if the button is pressed, the zoom level, or to remove unwanted parts of the video, when the export of these changes permanent and portable, and you can open and read the new guitar video on any player, including your iPad or Tablet.Video Surgeon has the basic editing functions, which lets you delete unwanted parts, and, therefore, to cut a long and large video file size and keep only what you really need.

In addition, you can copy and paste to piece together a couple of videos, to give you the opportunity to create a video that is composed of several guitar solos.If you start to learn to play the guitar, a player who plays in a band, or a instructor of the Video, the Surgeon can help to learn new material faster and easier than you ever thought possible. How? Thanks to the reduction of the speed and the zoom will not only be able to see and hear each note played, but you will also be able to see the outlines of how to play. There was a bag, a hammer, a slide or a turn? If you use the video for training, education, training, experience, or learning Video Surgeon can be a very powerful tool.

The check box in the analysis, it is necessary to identify where you can improve the sound, giving you a competitive advantage and obtain the way of real success. Best of all, it will not cost you an arm and a leg to have in their hands the power of the guitar learning tool.If you have already spent a bit of time on the Internet looking for the reeds of the bass guitar in a song, since we know that the solution is in the search of the bag is almost impossible. Most of the things that he had done well, and it is terrible. Therefore, we can say, then, that the score? I recently bought the score of popular and wellknown in the music that you hear on the radio. I have more than 40 years of age, a veteran of the guitar for each song, for writing and for the home, and compare it with the original music on the radio. Some coup, like the one we had? The score is not the same as the music itself!

What this means for you is that if you want or need to learn a song or a riff or a solo, is the only way to learn is to analyze and discover. You can do it with your country, without any type of tool, or you can use Video Surgeon and reduce the time required at least 6 times. The choice is yours.I just tested the demo version. It is simply amazing, all the world can benefit from this program. Im going to send the request, in the next few days, thanks for the offer.

It is the perfect extension of the Song Surgeon. It is a strain on my guitar. A lot of people cant believe that Im the only one playing the guitar since the age of 18 months. But you and I have a little secret!!I am a jazz guitarist, and the use of Video Surgeon for the complex to learn to play the guitar jazz songs, which, otherwise, would be out of my reach, without punctuation.

For example, the day after I purchased Video Surgeon, I stumbled upon a video of a song that I HAD to do the Christmas concert, which has been invited to play. I wrote the artist in the video, and not be able to provide me with the sheet music, due to copyright problems. So, can I use Video Surgeon to save YouTube, slow, zoom, and learn the notebynote, the contract of mutual agreement. And, with the help of video Surgeon that I am able to learn the song, beautiful for me, and for the live performance during a show at the end of last week.Video Surgeon is the movement of the video analytics software, that is sold to someone who uses video material for teaching, training or learning.

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