I Love Living In The Philippines!

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A dish that is not on a number of occasions, easy to make, chop suey (vegetables of the global illumination of the sauce). I don’t have much after the first 5 times we went to eat.I found a love Bicol Express (vegetables in a delicious, a little coconut or other sauces), but, unfortunately, it is not a Bohol, and I can’t find it. I love eggplant, all went well, the plant, in my opinion. And if you don’t like, bitterness, arrange things to your liking, I encourage you to “ampalaya.” It is terrible, in my opinion. The vegetable curry was available, so that was good. As the fast-food, so disgusting, Jollibee and McDonalds were everywhere.Ew x100000.
It is not necessary to spend more money for food that I like, because I’m eating more “westernized” places ” or “real” restaurants because the food is fresh. I am not against the market of junk food, but it is almost impossible here. To say that the food is a disappointment here would be an understatement, coming from someone who has visited the places, the food of Paradise in comparison to the Philippines. Oh, and let’s not forget that the purpose of my “vegetarian” hot dogs, fries rice incident in the Nest. WTF people. Hot dog is not a vegetarian!Buses, boats and planes! Oh, and there’s a lot of travel in the Philippines. I want to say that it is a little small, but the spread of the country. It is a bit of confusion, especially if you’re on a limited budget. I would like to know where to go and what you want. Sometimes, the option “do not save” the extra money, and not only a value, but, in the end, it will be more expensive. It would be more interesting, it is simply a flight of a few extra dollars, Or take a tricycle in front of the door of the house, to buy a ticket for the train, boat, to take a seven hour boat trip, and then delete the other three wheels for Transport, can be a bitch, and the few people who will be saved, and if it is consumed, in a taxi, the tricycle of the experience, and, above all, for the little time of vacation.He asked that citizens can be part of the Board of Directors or, in the neutral position) of a tricycle . In this way, the” and “should” the price in advance.
You can take a habal habal for an extra-low-ride. It is, literally, a person on a bike that is ready to give it to you, wherever you want. You will be challenged, many of whom are still on the street.
If you leave the boat or bus, ride a tricycle, do NOT ask, and in your face. This is what I see everywhere, all the time. If you are in front of me, this is more like it. I want the guys out there.
I have the same google assigned to my arrival, where I wanted, then I realized that for the evaluation of price for me. Yes, I know that it is, literally, only 5 km from the hotel, there’s no way in hell, I ask for 100 pesos, you are a friend!!! At times, exceeds the time or the number of miles to go somewhere.

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