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This shark has teeth and scalp with them. Putting aside the secondary component, this Expert Advisor is the first among those that we reviewed is a real scalper – opens the number of transactions, and at the same time to keep them open for a very short time (a few minutes), which provides the advantage of small market movements.
The key words that come out all scalping strategies is ‘discipline’ – commercial size, take profit and stop loss levels, etc. EA Shark 7.0 authors seem to be aware of this, the program does not promise to stop more than two pips for Enterprise.But not to be left with the impression that scalping is a low risk strategy flawlessly! A scalper may suffer if the dealer did not choose carefully in terms of spread. Imagine using a robot that lives in 50 or 60 pips per trade – then spreads to a couple of mistakes does not mean much to you, they would have? Now imagine that you get 3 pips on scalpers trade, and the spread is 2 pips – voila!

Moreover, looking at the device – the price difference between this and implementation. Since this loan, like any other scalping, consider it at a low price, even a short delay on the part of a villain can ruin negotiations server.With regard to the different market (if the loan or act according to the market development, for example), the team behind EA Shark 7.0 states that the system is adaptable because neural networks. In short, allow neural network system to learn how to operate in different environments and evolve – like a real shark. There are no market conditions are a threat to the environmental impact assessment, at least in theory!Tests Back: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?EA Shark developers publish detailed backtest for the period from 4 January 1999 to 1913 in January 2012, with 30 minutes of time for modeling. Please keep in mind that back testing only involves trading on EURUSD, but robots can also work with GBPUSD.The results show that after 13 years of operation, the robot can make you a millionaire of anyone who dares to make an initial $ 10,000 Total net deposit is well-$ 2,629,861!

The good news continues to be the imposition (indicating a risk of loss) is at a very low level 5. In addition, the proportion of attractive activities (61) is greater than the loss of the boat (39), and media commerce profit ( $ 3517) is much higher than the average loss of business ($ 1.002).A closer examination of the history of trade do not clearly embarrassing for relief, there are no strategies!The size of the transaction increases gradually from 2.90 to 100 lots, such as the trade grows – nothing suspicious here either.However, there is a series of 13 defeats in a row in May 31, 2006, as part of the cost ‘of $ 16.900. But I do not think that wearing amount when you’re a millionaire!Real-time results: Calm WatersEA Shark manufacturers publish detailed figures on trade of live animals in live account with ECN Primex.Since the start of trading November 27, 2011, the bill (with $ 2,000 deposit) collected a total gain of 86, due to strong enough, but it is behind the 170 Tom EA accumulate income for the same period .

benefit EA shark goes with retirement than 6, which is an excellent result, which indicates a relatively low risk of loss. Negotiation does not show a long period of withdrawal and has a strong online growth.

A detailed history of transactions (EURUSD and GBPUSD articles robots this time) shows nothing suspicious. Back Test contrast, the size of the contract for less – varies between 0.58 and 2.33 lots, where the balance grows. There are a number of losses, which leads me to believe that the developers really know how to make adaptive robots.The one and onlyEA Shark 7.0 has proven to be the perfect choice for merchants who want to scalpers. In terms of scalping, this robot is a development marvel – trade, increasing profits, and adapted to the environment so that it can perform better!Mediator The only question in this robot is prohibited – only memory slip shark and spreads! But with a rigorous selection process, you can easily avoid this problem.Personally, I’m glad that EA – indeed, I buy a hat like the fin of a shark!Expert Advisor (EA) – An algorithmic trading system for MetaTrader; a trading robot. EA can download for free or for a fee, or it can be programmed in MQL programming language.

Levy – the largest loss of operators for a fixed period, expressed as a percentage of the seeds or the dealer profits. The higher the rate of levy, trading strategy less risky.

Let’s say you start with a balance of $ 1,000, and then make a profit of $ 1,000, and after losing $ 500 The withdrawal will be 25 ($ 500 / $ 1000 + $ 1000 = 0.25 = 25).

Back Testing – Testing of trade policy in previous periods, with the simulation.Lot – The standard size of a business tool contract. A standard set consists of 100,000 currency units, mini-Lot – 10,000; Many micro – 1,000 units, and many dwarfs – 100 units.If you buy 1 lot EURUSD at 1.3000, for example, you buy Euros 100,000 US $ 130,000.Pip – The fourth digit after the decimal point in the quote. For example, if EUR / USD moves from 1.3350 to 1.3351, which is pips. Pips are used to measure changes in prices, profits and sliding.Scalping – Opening many short-term trading or high frequency in order to make money out of the market for small displacements. A scalper can from 10 to several hundred transactions per day, in order to obtain very low profit (say 2-3 pips) trade.In to find a good use downward trend this indicator. I first opened the store sales (with – Volume 12.10) trend I’ve seen is very strong and confident. Then I opened another business in 1,36,402 thousand (by – Volume 0.50). Bar declined to 1,36,298 thousand then moved on. So I closed the two companies. You can view the results in the table above. I won $ 36 for 5 minutes (total = $ 49.6). If I put a few more votes would win more.Scalping is a short term trading strategy that allows traders to make good use of leverage which is available in the foreign exchange market. Scalpers try to make a small profit very quickly, to publish their budgets for the potential of small losses. When they find a profitable strategy, since most companies in the short term, and to increase the volume size, you can get the most from this trend. You know, to increase the volume size is very risky. That’s where this guide according to identify strong trends.

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