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pefectsoft is a leading global software company that is always dedicated to software development and easy to use Windows tool to help our users to enjoy a fun and easy digital life. This team consists of professional and experienced computer technicians who can provide computer users with medium-effective solutions to various computer problems, poor performance, error messages and to save their money and hassle.PCFixkit quick search using a powerful algorithm for the detection of the entire system, to detect and fix any computer problems that can cause slow PC performance, annoying error messages or record of the same corrupt system. Additionally, PCFixKit better protect your privacy in your browser history cleaner, and other PC tracks. The computer will be very nicely because of the different cleaning unnecessary files. PCFixKit and is compatible with standard Windows platforms, XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8. PCFixKit, your computer will run faster and perform better than ever! correction system and registry PCFixKit preliminary analyzes and detects registry errors in the computer. Your system registry may be a problem when an unexpected situation arises. As we all know, the case is a complex and important database that stores configuration information, and hardware and software and is important for the proper functioning of the system and application. No matter what operating system your computer is running Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8, you can ask cause registry errors, system crash, blue screen of death and other computer problems. PCFixKit can find and fix these problems and improve the stability and performance of the system.2. Accelerate system startup
Is your operating system takes a long time to start when you turn? In fact, there are many processes and the program will automatically reboot the system. And it is possible that the computer freezes during startup. Indeed, really need not immediately for many applications at startup. So with PCFixKit, you can close some of them since the beginning of the system and reduce startup time.3. Clean your private information
The trail of their activities on the computer and the Internet to tell other people about you. What are the sites you’ve visited and where information is stored important files is the favorite of those people with malicious intent. PCFixKit clean your private information to better protect your privacy.4. Optimize the speed of your network
The PCFixKit network optimization tools that optimize the speed of your network, maximizing network performance and better browsing experience.disk cache 5. Optimizing
By optimizing memory disk cache computer system can better allocate system resources, ensure that the memory requirements for computer programs and prevent system freezes.6. Improved access to time files
Do you spend a lot of time to get access to a file? With optimization tools PCFixKit system files, the system can optimize the automatic boot partition and reduce access times to files. You do not have to wait long to get access to the file.7. Improve Windows desktop and refresh rate
If you install the software and put a lot of software icons on the desktop, the desktop will take a long time to load and update. PCFixKit helps to restore and improve the Windows desktop icons cache and refresh rate8. Keep your hard drive
The operating system and applications create many temporary files and junk when they drive. If these files filling your hard drive, the computer will slow down and affect the performance of the team in the final. So PCFixKit help clean temporary and unnecessary files and speed up your computer.9. Manage Registry backups
A registry backup that can restore the registry to a previous configuration. This tool will be very useful when a backup record is created or restore damaged a good record. You can also remove old unneeded backup log.

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