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The psychological effects of a comprehensive understanding of alternative therapies packets of brain wave emissions, September / October 2008)Scientific studies conducted amazing facts about telepathy. In short, the brain waves through telepathy technology can be used to literally change the mental state of a person. Correctly; The technology of telepathy can change the mood!The use of music and mp3 free CD that you can stimulate brain waves in specific brain waves; The results lifted the headphones.telepathic brainwaves to include the levels of creation, which help to provide better energy and concentration, creativity, relaxation, deep inner peace, calm, reduce stress in general and even higher intelligence, better memory and mental clarity.Our MP3 and CD are designed to offer the benefits of physical experience, mental, emotional and spiritual as a regular practice of meditation.
Brainwave music sample Prepare change brainwave.To understand how the brainwaves of musical training can change brain waves is good to have a basic understanding of brain waves.Brain waves produced by electric impulses in the brain. 4 beta waves of the most common brain (13 Hz – 30 Hz), Alpha (8 Hz – 12 Hz), Theta (4 Hz – 8 Hz) and Delta (0, 5 Hz – 4 Hz). Despite four brain waves are still active in the brain, which is one of the models are usually dominant in the light that you are busy, emotional, relax, sleep, etc.The dominant brainwave pattern corresponds to knowledge in a given time.Examples of brain activity:- During the day, when you are busy, anxious, very nervous, and relax in the beta, it is the dominant brain activity at the time.- When he finally begins to relax and / or the time to take a fast moving ‘siesta’ a dominant alpha brain activity.- Sleeping and sleep Theta brainwaves are dominant.- During deep sleep, refreshing, without delta brain wave sleep is the dominant brainwave. (See brain waves).

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