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Class tracking is the best solution for you if it is normal, such as purchases and sales, which are the two types of work. Expression of the appropriate class for each detail line that you can do, the account of losses And gains on the report on the classroom, that will tell you if your consulting activities more or less profitable than the installation business. Follow-up of the company can be used online and in MORE than one type of data, from different locations, offices, regions, or points, to sell your company. Every transaction, every company can be assigned. By assigning a company for each transaction, the offers, which considers the company in its reports. The sale of a company can also effectively with groups of transactions to manage. A great advantage would be on the different properties you can play. Monitor: This function is only available on line, as well as for the employees, consultants and other workers to insert the sheet at the time of booking and pay for the services of the company. can interesting feature is that you can have an unlimited number of meals for the user, that is, if you are at sites offshore, standalone system, standalone system, and the other one, you can make use of this function, and the percentage of their time to you in real-time. To keep on follow-up to the invoice and Add the fields, with more information about the forms of the transaction is the only online. You can custom fields in the sales of the forms. The presentation of the annual reports and accounts – online ESSENTIALS provides 40 standard reports, all in a line, with more than 65 standard reports. To identify a comprehensive analysis in a chart format for the presentation of the report, the differences, the knowledge products as a basis for comparison of the QuickBooks Online or send me an E-Mail and I will send you the URL. Budget – you can set a budget for the estimated revenue and expenditure in the future.

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