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In the Mentawai Islands, the width of 2 to 3 degrees in the South, on the West coast of Sumatra, without a doubt, the most popular destination for surfers from all over the world and are home to a large number of the best waves on earth.Here are some more knowledge about the management of the surf.

The Installation Program

The four main Islands and dozens of smaller Islands, surrounded by palm trees, of crops, of 28 degrees, the water and the reef, backed by dense jungle miles away from any Western style civilisation. As in Indonesia, volcanic eruptions, in the form of the topography and the bottom of the sea, the Islands, which makes it extremely deep grooves in the bottom of the ocean, and the rapid growth of the region and mass in coastal regions. The result is minimal dilution of waves of energy, and drain, and the index of refraction of waves to the enormous benefit of surfers. In connection with the above, along the Mentawai Islands, the waves, beside the window and relax on the coast of the Indian ocean.

The waves

Sweep the coasts, in the bays is deep ridged and many Islands, he adds, variety, angle, waves and winds, regardless of wind or direction of the wave, to a place, they are aligned in the open sea. A soft spot for surfers! The waves here tend to be a remarkable performance, without being, necessarily, difficult to be Hawaiifeeling. In General, the peaks are relatively predictable, so that the waves, you can learn more about it, you will be able to return home. Surfer between the products of the waves can reach, even if some of the more wellknown, the waves are much more difficult than it looks in the pictures. To prepare everything, from 2 to 10 meters, but more raramente.De a positive way, you will need a few hours of browsing, guide.


The quality waves are over lava based coral reefs at different depths. Some of the dishes are tables, laminated, safety, cover, water and other, he said, and the council, to avoid the difficult, in the event of a fall. Very few surfers from a trip back to get out of here without some kind of hack, so be sure to, medical care.Help Surf trip is full of PORTUGAL surf spot is in the center of attention. This was the first location of your choice. Fistral Beach is among the best on the other side. This is the first preference among the surf place in the United Kingdom, you can a weekend, lots of fun for travel lovers. The Surf guide is able to do, and that is enough to make the list of preferences for tourism, Uk, united Kingdom, in various parts of the United Kingdom. Without a doubt, this is the most popular and most surfing beach in Europe, and this is the first love for the surfers from all over the world love this place, in the enjoyment of a pleasant navigation.

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