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What does this mean? A combination of the product, taking into account the different product lines, the target audience. Another step to ensure that the understanding of the task. For example, if the sport and footwear for the entire family, the nature of the products, prices, and costs-benefits product mix? Shoes to run. After the congratulations, the shoes, the chains of shoes. Please note socks and shoes, detergents, etc. It is important, from the beginning, the needs of consumers. Running shoes should be a couple of pieces of clothing. For this reason it is useful in writing, in sport, in their mix of products. You should also take into consideration the kind of target sport to interested customers. Maybe they are your customers, competitors, basketball players, baseball players, or football player. Must be a mix, in connection with The public. Mix with the product should be treated. This ensures that your goal is for customers. You must be ready for the e-Mail address, this information did not come without major research projects. The role of the companies is the strength of the company, the success of the critical areas, if a comparison with the competition. The clients that their interests as the basis of any strategy. The competition also has an important role. The competition is on the basis of the strategies, on the basis of the behavior of the competitors, such as, for example, the planning and the construction, distribution and stores. If you have a marketing plan, there are some strategies that is known as a mixture of the strategies used. 4P-the model is used to calculate if the plan is a member of the strategies or not. The four Ps: product, price, place and promotion. These products are the products that the company produces on a large scale, with the goal to sell and make a Profit. The price is the money for the payment of the purchase price paid by the customer. The price depends on many factors, such as competition, market share, the point of view of the customer and the labelling of the products. If the device is sold, if a company or Store on the Internet. Also known is the distribution channel. Information to the customer of the product, the seller promote. Includes advertising, public relations, and point-of-sale. There are different types of marketing strategies based on some criteria. Some of the marketing strategies are: 1. Dominant position in the market, the strategies of a dominant position in the market for the use of market strategies to master. What are the Marketing strategies that Should Focus On how to help better concept of the way to explain, to explain the percentage of concentration of the market in terms of attraction marketing. The most common, is the large amount of 10% – 20% missing in a large amount of network marketing. And this is because they have not yet learned the law of the 80/20 rule of network marketing. Online marketing strategy, you need to be 10%, and the other half is made up of 20% in their online marketing strategies. The large factor of 80%, in the production of solid, strong connections in the time, both online and offline. The following are the most network marketing, 80% of the number of internet connections(70%) of the compound(30%). Remember that you need to remove never offline attraction marketing strategy, If it is only for running on the card, or by attending the marketing meeting in your area, then it should be. To use the best type of cards, drop/sizzle cards link to attract attention.This will allow you to be displayed online.Many small and medium-sized businesses face a common struggle; a balancing act of plans, strategies, services, and decisions. All the functions are in the presence of all the functional devices, but the business is not exactly booming at the pace expected, or if you want to. What exactly does this growth and sustainability require? At the time of the economic crisis, the radio traffic and aggressive commercial practices is complete, is to stand out from the crowd. And, surprisingly, the marketing strategy has a lot to do with what could be achieved. The conflict that the business owners can overcome the masses and draw directly with customers in product development, marketing strategy, than to scream louder than their competitors or using the neon banners to the shop (or a banner on your website). My point is, you don’t need to play out, with a lot of noise all the time. What you need to do is paint a vision for the company, its employees and its customers. Make promises that nobody but you can save it and then drag it with your admirable businesses practices and superhuman abilities. Take a moment for you: the problems associated with the marketing strategy is the most important factor in determining the success or the decline of the economy. To test an essential requirement and I am ready and its legitimacy. The Marketing strategy is distribute in all aspects of the business, where the intent of its Creator or not. This is possible because the strategy that created and defined the General objectives of your business, and integrates these objectives with a new vision and mission. But with each level of commercial loss of the marketing strategy. The truth! Marketing-strategy, it seems to me redundant? We will examine the relationship between the marketing strategy and the four most important aspects of any business: market research, marketing plan, corporate identity and the economy. First of all, without any formalities, and the definitive explanation of what marketing strategy actually is. According to some sites, to clean up the official definition, less official and more effective description of marketing strategy: Marketing strategy: a strategy for the organization, the goals of marketing into a coherent whole. Ideally, the created market research, focuses on the ideal product mix for maximum profit potential. Marketing strategy the marketing plan. How will the marketing strategy, in essence, a document whose purpose is much more than that.

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