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Not only does the site regularly for information winner, including the results, and lots of useful information about EA, EA Henry Ming and developers, is very helpful and open in their approach, and you get the ‘right impression to really care about users his and understand what they need to succeed.There is also a free copy of EA can download it worked only with small accounts so that potential users can try before you buy another winner.What is most impressive consistent winner, but it is the fact that the developers of ethics is not about how much money you can work with EA, but instead focuses on what can lose value if and when you do not completely flat.The same approach used by professional traders and serious investors worldwide. These guys can accept the loss of their journey they always ensure that their losses are not big enough to scare the game, and have the confidence and ability to take on bigger and better things.

Regular readers of my reviews know now that it is an understatement to say that I am not the biggest fan in the world director Martingale strategy. What is particularly stable winner EA is that it has a money management strategy that I think can really be described as a type of anti-Martingale. In its purest form, it is anti-Martingale system increased lot size for winning, but safety is important regular winner and there is no increase in the scroll bar | somewhere in the consular function.So how exactly does it work?Well, martingale-based system, which will increase the environmental block business after the loss of business, in an attempt to recover losses quickly. Stable winner EA do just the opposite and reduce the size of the business a lot to lose business. Let me explain a bit ‘on how to perform while’, but now it is safe to say that they can use Anti-Martingale strategy to significantly reduce payments consistent winner.Regular winning EA works on EURUSD symbol and apply the combined jiggery pokery different moving averages to identify trends in the market and established themselves in the direction of the trend. After arriving on the market, the first stop-loss of 110 points and a solid performance record 55 points, who also uses the profits logical blocks and armed stoploss when the conversion is more than a certain amount of profit. This results in most areas left before or SL or TP fully suffer. I suppose I should also mention the ongoing work ECN and STP broker Winner and style because it has only an open exchange of a sudden there are no problems with the NFA FIFO or security.

After identifying trends, EA is the subject of this development momentum and continue for a while ‘, so that it can continue to take the company in that direction. Personally, I have 100 in favor of the business towards the policy, as I wrote in a previous article entitled What strategy is your friend in the last corner. For each of these changes evolving EA Winner will continue to set the pace and results of my tests show the direction of the average nine transactions in order.When history to reach the end of each policy, the stable EA winner almost always resulting in loss of business. At this point, it can often be very-ing and began to market trips, such as bulls and bears struggle for control, it is not uncommon for traders to mistakenly believe that one side has won the battle and get your company in advance, just on the other side to take control of the new employees have been losses. In other words, it is the time of the Ming and Henry tries to stay away from the market, as they have identified them as dangerous for the company.

Although Ming and Henry wanted to avoid activities during this difficult time, believed that this approach would be very difficult to implement MT4 Expert Advisor, so they tried another solution. They decided that the best thing to do after a loss at the end of EA policy takes the next negotiations on the size of the smallest party. If any company has won, it is reasonable to assume that a new trend has started and it would be advisable to start a dialogue with the new standard size group. If the company lost was constant Winner EA will continue to exchange smallest parties EA has started to work again.Establishment Constant WinnerRegular winning EA own 48-page manual in PDF format and is very easy to install. There are only ten adjustable external variables. Among these parameters, there are two that I think are more important than another. The first refers to the percentage of free margin you want to risk on each trade, which should be limited to 6.0, and the second key parameter is used to control the anti-Martingale EA function that happens to be called ‘a lot of test Cale ‘.

To explain a bit ‘more about this setting varies its value between 0.0 and 1.0. Located at 0.0 means that the next trade after losing trade will be the minimum lot size mediator. Located at 1.0 means that the next store will be normal size and resizing will not be applied much more samples. Parameter can be set somewhere between these two extremes to control the size of the upcoming negotiations on the type escalator.Other EA settings to control factors such as the maximum increase in AI and buy a Friday afternoon in late December. If you want EA business in these times, it is interesting to note that the test is highly scalable will be applied to these professions, there is no reason to worry about the risk shirt while everyone around you is busy Christmas turkey .The only thing to note about the transaction on Friday afternoon is that users will need to calculate their brokers GMT and manually apply the concept of business for the EA will not be calculated automatically.

Finally, I noticed that EA has made three flow levels are not controlled in any way to distinguish between brokers with price Moses 4:05 Personally allow myself some slippage so I zeroed. Users must adjust the value according to the official version needs.Following constant cruising Martin, announced the changes in our distribution strategy. This strategy, described below, applicable to all customers without exception.1. You get * .ex4 EA package. Source files (* .mq4) we do not, we can not implement security when we published the source.2. After payment Clickbank, you can immediately download the full version of EA. The license key will take a lump sum, at least 2-3 weeks after the buffer. You can use the EA as we prepare without permission.3. After the end of the repayment period, sending an update for EA, this will include a permanent license, you can activate by entering the order number of the license key.Since 2010, he sold another winner of the source code at very low prices. We hope to promote political openness, and to encourage users to buy their own permission. Unfortunately, however, it help someone to share EA Online, and sell their products and hourly paid only after the purchase. We have suffered enough to call this policy off.Over year introduced Martingale conservative regime and the threat was never our cup tea until recently, we noticed some changes in the price of training began with great Whipsaw hit stop loss EA. Some test again, we found the Martingale EA carefully adjusted very well see such a situation. You can recover previous losses and have shown some potential profit. EA is a steady gear Martin.

the only constant Martin sends a clear position in the market at the time and a series of carefully controlled stop loss, profit and control of the management of outbound plants. The size of the group will be twice following a losing trade and a half, after defeating. The increase in the scrollbar | Consular limited to prevent blow account. For five years engraving Back Our testing has shown encouraging results in the EURUSD and USDJPY.

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