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Now, at first, it was maybe 5 pages?I cleaned the whole system now, but it was just some of my main ideas behind SMS and how to get girls interested in some texts. . .I started to give copies of this booklet 5 to all my friends. . .Some of them think it is stupid. . . others thought it was great!And some of my friends have started to use the ideas and techniques that prospectus. . .
an amazing success!A friend of mine, who have followed the counsel began to have the same kind of success that I did.Jake has literally paid $ 100, said that it was worth it. Well, apparently it was worth it. See who’s about to happen! Hell!He was over the moon! And so were my other friends.We began to meet once a week and discuss new ideas and text messages have been used. . .I was asked many questions. . . Which was great because it made me think more about the whole process and, in turn, would like to know more about yourself!My friend was an internet entrepreneur. . .He said I should write a book to own these things. . .
Why would sell like crazy on the Internet. . .So one night I took the little book of 5 pages I had written about a month before and developed a comprehensive manual. . .5 hours and 6 cans of Coca-Cola. . . I’m ready.


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