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In order to respond to the depression of power, and other concentric-only “dead”, the movements must be preceded by coordinated excitation and the subsequent tension in the muscles of the heart. Keep the core tight will help you maintain a neutral spine for the movement and helps to strengthen the destructive forces of the event on the back, not to mention the increase of force development, and develop fun, it is the power in the house. Keep the bar as close as possible to the radiation from nearby muscles, begin a chain reaction of involvement of the nervous system in the name of the chain.What does the Research Tell Us that before speaking, which is, full-time, coaches, not scientists. Our laboratories are well filled with bananas, in parentheses, the environment, heavy ass dumbbells, and paul of the tools that we use every day to ensure that our athletes and clients are not subject to the more powerful. So, we have the respect to respond to the results of a bad design of the study concluded that the loads have no effect on hypertrophic scars.(7), in a study with 18 young people do not have much strength training experience and are not performed any resistance training in the previous year of study. Great training it could be the expansion of muscle mass, directly or indirectly, on the way to improve the neural drive. In beginners, the nervous system, the companies confirmed (intermuscular coordination and intramuscular) for the structural adjustment began to take shape. In intermediate and advanced lifters, training the workforce in the same way, although the highest resistance to be relatively low. To improve the maximum resistance that will allow competitors to run a set with many more, but it is used to prepare the ground for a more hypertrophic gains. Training Strongly for the Expansion of the strength training performed in the time up to 85% of 1RM was found to increase the expression of the mrna of the isoforms of the heavy chains, and the growth factors associated with the activation of satellite cells, which are connected with the brand of mobile and the growth of tissues.(8), workout with weights, not only as a result of improvements in 1RM, but the growth of the cross-sectional area of all continuous types of muscle fibers.(3)

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