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Official Website     ..If you work on a copy of the sales letter site or page warning – the tips I’ll share with you to make it more effective.In fact, I just want a copy of the key to the problem so that we can discuss how to improve a specific part of the text you are working with.But first, a myth to write and how to deal with people who are potential customers who are trying to dispel. . .
Fellow writer and Marketing,.People think writing difficult to write, but.
For years, we study the classics, we build our vocabulary, learn to make our sentences and paragraphs..During this period, there is an implicit suggestion – if you do not understand what you read, it is your fault. Not that the book is difficult to understand that, you are too stupid to understand..To learn more, know more, you will lose work time through literature means nothing to you.I did it..He did it. (I speak of the imaginary man sitting next to me)And if you are a writer of any kind, he probably did too.Do not worry. It happens..The only problem is, if you decide, after all, you work in advertising – cock.
The misconception is that the writing is good writing difficulties – the first thing I did hit me – and the first thing I had to fight every copywriter intern.Shit flowery language like ‘writer in the early days (to show how artists’) to shoot. In fact, he slapped, taken outside and be repeated until it looks like the painting of Jackson Pollock.
When you expect something to someone who does not really want to sell, you have to speak in the most simple and direct as possible. You should write as if you were explaining to a friend.To deactivate. Be tedious if you have to. But be natural.Because if you can put yourself in your writing, the message – whatever – to shine through, trust me.Whether you are a writer or marketing sales copy writing, it is, really. . .You wrote for sale.And the more you sell; The more money you make.The figures, right? That is why it is so important to copywriting effectively as possible.Hell, it does not matter if you’re writing copy for your own products, or you write copy for someone else. . .The more effective your copy, the more you pay.Therefore, at this time, not only on the review copy organize face to face, I will share more than 20 technical quickly and simply used me personally at least twice the processing of my writing and selling heck of a lot more.
In fact, I’m not bragging, but the tactic helped me a copy claims more than £ 10 million, which sells everything from online marketing on Elvis hair writing.Each technique is tested and proven to increase conversion.
Each technique is simple to understand and easy to apply on all sales copy any product or service that you can sell.And each technique can be used multiple times to increase the conversion of your copy when you need them.Whatever level you are a publisher, you will be able to use proven techniques to improve your writing and make a lot more sales.
Seriously.Even if you have already typed copy to sell millions, you still get some techniques you have not tried before. . . and can easily make your copy more effective.And remember. . .The more effective your copy, the more you pay.Of course, if you are an experienced writer, you know, right?
He already understands the importance of collecting as much as possible expert vision.And if you are new to writing. . .Well, I’m sure you understand. I’m sure you understand that the study of methods of other authors who have had great success with their marketing writing comments for success as a writer.The good news is that technology now gives you the skills and knowledge that will help you write copy to sell a lot more you realized that you can not – all you copywriting experience.
Just like Blanca, who wrote the report:


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