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Ghana, as a signatory to the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development in 1992 and, subsequently, ratification of the Convention of Biological Diversity in the search for participatory methods and practices that help manage and protect their natural resources. A practice that is considered to be more important in the process of mapping these indigenous lands for biodiversity protection is the participation in the System of Geographic Information (PGI). This tool geomatics is a combination of Geographic Information Systems supported by the Participatory Rural Appraisal Approach. In recent years, the term PGIS has become increasingly popular and has attracted increasing attention of GIS researchers and practitioners, especially in its application in the development and conservation of biodiversity in the context of developing countries. Biodiversity and Conservation Objectives the overall objective of this research is to assess the relevance of PGIS for the conservation of biodiversity in the country and at the local level, in accordance with the terms of the PGI and the preservation of the buabeng-Fiema monkey Sanctuary. My goal in this project is the application of the spatial SCALE of tools to help conserve the buabeng-Fiema monkey Sanctuary, which is located in the heart of the Nkoranza district in the region of Brong Ahafo in Ghana. The project of participation in the geographical information system will be developed in an ‘intelligent’ GIS map depicting the areas of cultural diversity, the use of images, sounds, video, cognitive, maps and other audio-visual equipment. The characteristic of this approach is to support the cultural relations and institutions, is an opportunity for contemporary expression and innovation, and, ultimately, to attract tourists in the region to generate cash flow for the inhabitants. PGI would be appreciated for the practice of effectiveness and efficiency, cost reduction, as well as its correspondence with the goals of empowerment and legitimacy in biodiversity conservation. The literature of the 1990s, GIS has been claimed as a magic tool in Natural Resource Management as the ideal answer to all the problems of resources. (Heit and Shortreid 1991). In the context of the areas in which the multi-ethnic, linguistic situation exits, it is very easy for people from different groups to communicate on issues related to the size of the space in the box. Therefore, it is very helpful to the trade in the situation in which spatial conflicts are involved (Rambaldi, Bump et al. 2002). The need for self-esteem, in addition to describing the natural resources inventory, with the computer-based methods have been argued by Nix and Gillison (1985) [1] This discussion influenced the choice of PGI for the conservation of biodiversity in this report. Geographic information systems, however, have the ability to manage various types of information that may be related to a place or a region. In this case, culture, biodiversity and tourism. Marius [2], In his discussion of the role of GIS and environmental modeling argue that there is not a single ecological unit of analysis, rather than a variety of biological phenomena are the foci of the studies, including populations, species, communities, ecosystems, and habitats. I agree with your thesis that managers require lines on maps saying that the things are, and what you can or can’t do with them. The focus is to identify the biodiversity points to the beginning of the implementation of GIS technology, which, in addition to the contribution to the scientific studies, it has been accepted as an effective tool for the decision-making process. The incorporation cultural landscapes to promote conservation and tourism are an imperative in this case. In buabeng Fiema monkey Sanctuary, which is the goal of the present study is Brong Ahafo region of Ghana and is located in three villages, which are buabeng, Fiema, and Dotobaa in the forest of the Region of Brong Ahafo in Ghana.

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