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How to Grow Tobacco

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In the case in which the levels are used, space the plants about 24 inches apart. The layers should be 4248 inches apart. The water in the plants after transplanting and during the season.
Fertilizers for tobacco, as the same fertilizer for tomatoes, peppers and potatoes. In the production of the plants, the fertilizer should contain little or no chlorine and most of the nitrogen in form of nitrate. In General, the best application of fertilizers that could be used in various applications. Some of them can be applied to the soil before Transplantation, but did not do so, if it is in high concentration in the roots of the Transplants of organs. The total of the amount to be applied to fertilizers, it depends on the amount of fertilization, to the person or to the rest of the fertility of the soil and loss of nutrients by leaching of soluble compounds and, possibly, other factors. The best approach to the fertilization of a garden, the tobacco would be required for the application of fertilizers to help the plants to grow well, with green color. But this is not the fertilizer, or the plants are very large, and on the stage. If there are a sufficient number of credits that should be up to the time of flowering, it is not Necessary to add more fertilizer when the flowers start.

Some of these parasites, the problems associated with the consumption of tobacco. The prevention of resistance and the selection of other issues that affect the world, for good, or stop. You can eliminate, reduce or draw. The most common problems that the errors are expected to budworms, aphids and horn worms. The disease, the damage caused by Smoking can also be with the people that attack other plants, or it Is possible that some of the Pathogens, the tobacco. Pest identification and appropriate control problem pest manual for more information.

While some tobacco plants are grown around the home for decorative purposes, including the flowers, the plants grow, the tobacco cured in the rule, must be covered when the shapes of the flowers. The coat of arms, or to achieve the Terminal buds, the upper leaves to get larger and thicker, as if you were in uptopped condition. You can remove the top, cut or, preferably, before all the flowers open.

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