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Ok, so I have to say that after diligently following the program, in fact, that I went on the ankle for 3 days…then, still with pain, but I was on foot….I think that in fact it is…but I’m glad that it was not swollen, as in the beginning, and I could see that the swelling disappears after a week. I was so impressed. I wanted to shout, all of them. Of course, I told him about the HOUSE… I will continue to improve very quickly, it was incredible. I can’t see the tetons, but I will go again.After you started the HOUSE, the swelling was gone in a few days, and completely gone within 7 days. His ankle is back to normal at the start of the tournament, it was 10 days before the tournament, without problems. Thank you for the HOUSE. Do we really believe that you can play, without her I would not be able, at a National level. 9. December 2014by Irene in H. E. M. ankle rehab System program, Amazing, Good day, thank you for your wonderful program. I Twisted my ankle really bad and fibula broke in the height of the ankle but also suffered a fracture of the spiral in need and put a nail into the tibia and screws. Your program is great, it tells so much about what is out there. It is not understandable that I was able to do anything until the broken bone healed in the ankle. But to make love to you and the program of the exercises of recovering much more than. Makes a lot of sense. It is a great help. 5. December 2014by Constance Vallenga in the H. E. M. Ankle rehab-heal the System Faster, I think, in the home method has helped me to heal faster. I went without help for 5 days. Of course, the more time to strengthen the sitting, my ankle. Can you imagine that you can not do that for up to 2 days much better when I was able to do it in 1 day! The staff helped me online and I liked it very much. This would be a great tool to have in the in-house pharmacy before you or a loved one. I have shared with many people that are out there. 25. November, 2014by Laurie H. E. M. Ankle Rehab System Works Very Well! Was my foot, I twisted, but decided at the H. it. m. rehabilitation opportunity. I was not in the position to put pressure on leg without pain, which makes it to compensate for a completely pressure on the other joints. I started H. E. M. and after two days I was able to walk easily over them.

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