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If it is said that women the loss of hair, and there’s nothing you can do.I don’t think. I said the same thing, but I refused to accept it. At the age of 32 years, my hair began to fall, and not stop until he is almost bald. In about two months, I lost 90% of my hair. I had a bad case of telogen effluvium (diffuse loss of hair loss), alopecia areata. This was not my first episode of hair loss, but it is certainly more than adequate, and beautiful. This episode brought me back to the doctors, but also all of my lab work. I should be grateful, that (I) is a type of disease. But the pastor of the loss of my hair and told me that he had none. The only advice that was offered to me, a good wig, and my life. It is ironic that, in General, is a bare patch of lawn in the garden of my house. Irrigate and fertilize the plants, I was overwhelmed by curiosity, the herbs, the bacteria soon. As the bare patch, full of strength, of health, of the grass, you know that helps to grow the type of “hell” in the skin, the hair on my head naked. I was determined to find it. Research and assistance and cosmetologist, specializing in hair loss, I learned about powerful natural ingredients used to stimulate hair growth. After applying these natural ingredients, my energy, skin, and the feeling is increased. You see, a couple of months soft hair began with thick, healthy and shiny as it was before the disaster. I don’t need to tell you, I was surprised, relieved and excited at the same time. Learn about hair loss today, it is my passion. I am immersed in every piece of information that I can find, the biology of hair growth, you know, always diligent in my research, because women to lose hair, and how to avoid them. My new goal in life is to help women who suffer from hair loss women in training, incentives and solutions. This offer includes all the information needed to understand the women, and the loss of hair and starts the growth of healthy hair and beautiful. THE REFORM, IT IS POSSIBLE, IN ALMOST ALL CASES, THE WOMEN, THE HAIR LOSS! The most important thing that I learned in the majority of cases, hair loss in women, it is also more and more, if the cause is hereditary. Many women are of the opinion that, because, and this is the loss of hair due to genes inherited from the book, it is inevitable. Fortunately, this is not true. And, apparently, to calculate the loss of hair, hair, in fact. Instead, the follicle narrows progressively over time, and, therefore, the higher the resolution, the more the light, the hair, the skin, and the smaller variety of offerings to the head. It is slowly and gradually work. It takes many years to reduce the size of the white and of the production. But the process is not yet completed, there is a room for improvement. Scars (scarring) alopecia is the only type of female hair loss is permanent and irreversible. This type of hair loss at the root of the hair, and the scar tissue is destroyed. Fortunately, it is rare that the hair loss is less than 3% of the cases. Growth can be achieved for other types of hair loss but the hair follicles are alive and undamaged. In most cases, female hair loss, the cycle is stopped, but the hair follicles remain alive and fully capable, healthy hair once favorable conditions are created. Alopecia areata, and telogen effluvium are two forms of hair loss, women are often affected. These types of hair loss respond well to treatment, of course. Effective formulas I’m using opera, again, women are danny. Before you begin treatment, the better, but the white hair and the growth potential. “Due to the fact that the formulas, some of my recent bald spots are completely full, but to my great surprise, I now see, the growth of new hair in some places, calvi, close to ten years!” – Carole M, Poughkeepsie, New York, learning Through the hair loss, it Is Important, my goal is that you are the expert for hair loss, so that you can carefully and be sure that the hair is to provide the health of the hotel. If the internal process of the growth of your hair, you will be amazed to see how simple it is to improve the position of your hair loss is! All women the loss of hair is not in the same way. It is important to know the nature and cause of the workers, the loss of hair. In many cases, female hair loss is temporary and easy to fix, if the cause can be identified and resolved. He has a deep knowledge of the hair growth cycle, which makes the management of the following factors can cause hair loss. But the growth of the hair, is fragile and can easily be disrupted … the loss of hair, slow growth and other undesirable changes it has caused. The understanding of the growth cycle, the optimization of the conditions in which the potential for the growth of healthy hair. The loss of hair is often the first sign of physical or emotional imbalance. Even a slight imbalance can cause hair loss. To analyze properly and a problem immediately, to prevent that, instead of problems.

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