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Most people think of ‘I love you’ when they hear the three magic words. However, I believe there are three words that are even more affectionate. They are ‘Tell me more. ‘Another variation is,’ Is there more? Or something else? ‘These words show a willingness to listen, to learn from the experiences of others.I learned the power of those words, when I was 19, I was a sophomore in college; My girlfriend was a medical student. We thought of getting married in a few months throughout the cabin dedication, to meet with parents. But we did not expect and was opened by the Justice Peace. Later that day, I flew home to visit my parents when programmed. I was going to keep a secret way to escape and continue our program.E ‘was hard to hide my joy explode inside. In fact, I put the ring on her finger in my family to watch and enjoy. It never occurred to me that no one would notice. Few hours to throw my stepmother, including, of course, we got to go to bed, turned around and asked: ‘Is there more?Well, I could not help it. I told her all the time for fear that he would be disappointed. So I was pleasantly surprised when he made a sigh. He had been so worried that maybe I was pregnant, that feels married ‘was a gift for him.These three magic words that are called can listen fast. And they are very powerful.What’s the reason?Webster defines ‘design’ backward or underscore (something latent or potential).People, none of us can not fully aware of our thoughts, attitudes, emotions and memories every time. When we are in conflict, and feel emotionally threatened, our focus narrows reaction / flight control. Very often we forget or courage to retrieve important emotional factors that contributed to the conflict. When one partner raises, to show good faith and interest in and to contribute to security and is able to replace the automatic reduction of consciousness.What do you think?

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