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And it would be a waste of money!!!! For this reason, I propose That the coverage of the different sports, so it is not ALWAYS the BEST option for almost every day of the year… after assessment of the activities, which they cover. Not getting support for your favorite sport, but it is better to spend more money for a couple of minutes to write every day for a couple of other sports? Q: Why is a system, the BEST bet is to, every day? A. you know the old saying “chasing two hares” hunger”? On my system, not to choose the best suited for you all day, because I think it is the second best in Paris. Bet nothing but the best, you need to do every day, we need to maximize every dollar invested. With the system, you can see that the second, better, third, fourth, bet, etc., But I advise you to do so, against games of chance. Because he is the most high, is the second best, if you like the most? Q: is a progressive system or arbitration in Paris? A. no, of course not!!! The procedure of arbitration in Paris is very good on paper, but in practice it is deeply method, some good deals, and this year has seen. The progressive bet is a joke, it’s the truth! Each system, which means that you need to increase your commitment to losing costs related to the Previous bet, it is doomed to failure. Does not work in the long term. But two losses in a row and, therefore, reduces the amount of equity and continue to win a large sum of profit, loss, return. My system has nothing to do with the game the two teams, and the players place their bets, trading, loss, back, or something similar. Q: is this a legal system? A. there is nothing illegal or fraudulent, my sports betting system. The system does not manipulate the odds or try to influence the outcome of the game. Unlike statistical data usage, the trend is in the context of the update of the Smart money in Paris. No one would like to know, if you are using the system to win bets. I’ve been using it for 7 years without any problems. Also, I have ZERO complaints about my Thousands of other users in the long term. But if you start to win large sums of money every day, the same betting house, you may suffer from distrust between the houses of Paris, the loss of administrative staff. Q: I am going to fired the bookies, if I win considerably throughout the system? A. When you start to win large sums of money in the SAME bookmaker, can be solved daily, you will eventually. Bookmakers can Hardly win the Paris lost. And the good news is that it loses thousands of other bets, if it is compared to the winning bets.

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