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First of all, I have spent thousands of dollars in the emergency room and doctor visits. Now I spend thousands of psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists. I’m better than I was before. Personal attacks are not common, but the concern is the same and perhaps worse. What can I do?A: We can not overestimate Checkpoint psychologist / psychiatrist before. They specialize in the treatment of panic? And I mean, do most of the patients had an anxiety disorder or a therapist just to see everyone who walks through the door?Understanding and knowledge of anxiety disorders is light years behind other mental health problems. My advice would be to see a professional who has an anxiety disorder and practice. There is no way to explain the panic to a person who has never experienced a panic. A person can read all the books of the world and not really understand what it is to have panic attacks. Also, ask for help in clinics, hospitals, academic anxiety or anxiety, they understand what you mean. If therapists will experience less panic they, because they will never be able to help?D: read the literature, I believe that the symptoms of panic, social phobia and generalized anxiety disorder. This is possible, and if it is, what it means in terms of improvement?A: Yes, it is unlikely, but possible. anxiety disorders in general, they tend to ‘bleed over’ them to some extent. And ‘likely that you meet the criteria for the diagnosis of anxiety disorders, and only a few other characters. However, it is generally true that the severity of the condition of each can be slightly rounded. Cognitive behavioral therapy, a gentle step by step, in a manner that meets all the anxieties and designated areas for additional work, such as persistence and motivation to get better, will not go far to overcome the anxiety.

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