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11000000000000 liters of water lost in the water. We could supply all the water the family in the United States. Therefore, the researchers say, is that the American public is aware of dryness, which can affect the entire food chain. His research tells us that our world is changing rapidly. If you and your family to survive, you have to be food.things that can pay for food, when it comes to deal with an emergency, or almost. You can change nearly all foods, including weapons, ammunition and gold. Only they are able to adapt, flexibility and the ability to provide for themselves and others is the most important. But there was a solution to solve the food crisis to come. Frank wondered Food for Freedom ‘created by Tanner. Freedom Food scheme is easy to build and operate, requires almost no effort and maintenance, as well as a healthy and natural food rich in vitamins to support yourself and your family a natural disaster. Fish and vegetables is based on the symbiosis with plants and fish.His work is a kind of simple free food: Plants clean water to fish when the fish waste feed facility. delicious seafood and vegetables handsome profits. The system produces food for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Each diet has allowed Frank Tanner of freedom and society for the construction of trial and error to get a day job and makes it possible for beginners. creating aquaponics system can be fun and easy if you follow the instructions.What happens to free food?There are a number of benefits is because the food can provide Frank freedom, but the cultivation of plants and fish. . .1. In the light of aquaponics and fish You might think that this system requires a lot of water. In fact, the system uses only aquaponic 10% water, is a widely used in horticulture, where the water in aquariums and recycled to the base of the plant.2.

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