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Why SEO Pressor?

Simple, seo pressor WILL boost your sites ranking. In todays ever changing internet marketing community, more and more people rely on tools and software to make our jobs so much easier. SEO is no different. Lets be honest, who the hell wants to spend hours analizing our site content to make sure we got the best keyword density? Or underlined our keywords? It’s just easier to let a simple plugin do the work. That plugin is SEO Pressor.

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WordPress already has a lovely relationship with the search engines but simply adding the seo pressor plugin can give your site an almighty boost.  Are you sick and tired of creating valuable content only to get no visitors? Or even worse, having to pay for traffic because your blog doesn’t get any organic traffic? Well you need good on page seo skills, and seo pressor provides the solution.

On page seo is an absolute must for any blogger if you want to make some $$$ from your blog. But if you’re new to seo, or you just can’t be bothered to spend a couple hours analizing your posts, seo pressor does it for you. It makes suggestions by analizing your post and recommends what you can do to increase your overall seo score. Forgot to add underline,bold,or italic to your keywords? SEO Pressor lets you know. What about H1,H2, and H3 tags? Yep it does does that too.

What is seo pressor?

SEO Pressor is a new plugin for self hosted wordpress blogs, created by leading SEO expert Daniel Tan. In the forever changing world of internet marketing it’s clear that SEO is still the biggest challenge for most, in terms of traffic generating. I mean would you rather pay through the roof on ppc and media buys? Or would you prefer FREE, highly targeted traffic from the biggest search engines on the internet?

Mention the words SEO and most people curl into a little ball and shudder “oh no, seo is too hard”. But with the help of SEO Pressor you really can boost your search engine rankings to the coveted first page.

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What does SEO Pressor do?

Basically SEO Pressor analizes your entire blog post and makes recommendations based on the keyword that you’re targeting. It may seem like a pretty basic plugin but where seo pressor comes into its own is its ability to analize various factors such as H1 tags,H2 and H3 tags. But it’s best function is analizing keyword density.

I thought my own seo skills were not too bad for somone relatively new to seo, but what a wake up call i got after analizing all my posts using seo pressor. A lot of my posts keyword density were less than 1%, but after using the seo pressor plugin i was able to edit my posts to get keyword density of  ( being a good guideline).

Does seo pressor only score posts?

SEO Pressor also has the ability to score your blog pages,although this is a function i’ve yet to really dive into. But from what i’ve seen so far the seo pressor plugin will be best plugin ive used to date.

The SEOPressor is one type of wordpress seo rank search engines tool that will get traffic to your website guaranteed.

You will be amazed at how simple and easy it can be done. You can do it without the help of a SEO consultant. You will definitely save yourself so much time and frustration by letting the plug-in software do the work so you can get on to better things.

The software is amazing at getting rid of those time consuming task like getting keywords and telling you how to use them. It gives you advice on how to tweak the wordpress seo rank search engines to get results and traffic. I really think you will like how the software intelligently provides changes if anything is wrong. How intelligent is that?

That will assist you like an obedient assistant, making your job easy and most of all saving you time.

You can get the same rankings as if you hired an expert. The software analyzes the title, H1, H2, H3 tags. It also takes a look at keyword density and content length. The exact  placement of your keywords is taken into account because this is important in rankings. I was so taken by how well it analyzes images and font decorations. It also will bold, italicize and underline your  keywords for you. To better attract traffic it tests and rates each post and page just as if you had hired your own personal SEO expert.

To get higher scores it reveals your on-page SEO scores so you can see how well your page is doing. It correlates algorithms with google and recalculates SEO scores  when content changes. It gives intelligent suggestions on what to tweak just as if your own SEO consultant was talking to you. All of this in an easy to use wordpress seo rank search engines plug-in.

This plug-in is a tool used by over 500,000. You will be amazed at how simple and easy it can be done. You can save yourself so much time and frustration by letting this intelligent software do the work so you can get on to better things.

Product Name: SEOPressor Connect – WordPress SEO Plugin-seopressor
Publisher Web Site: http://seopressor.com/
Trial period:60 Days

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