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WavePad is a sound editor that lets you create and edit recordings and audio files, with support from a variety of file formats including wav, mp3, vox, gsm, real audio, au, aif and more. It allows you to cut, copy and paste parts of recording and any effects like echo, amplification and noise reduction. You can also insert silence, fade in / out, auto-trim and more.
WavePad supports sample rates from 6000 to 96000Hz, stereo or mono, 8, 16 or 32 bits. The program also includes a simple CD ripper that lets you download files directly from the CD. Other features include voice activated recording and text-to-speech support.Full Review
Both software makes it possible to create and edit music, voice and almost every other conceivable stripe. With built-in sound effects are amplified, such as normal, envelope, reverb, echo back and forth, making Wavepad simple work study data. Can also batch processing, so you can speed through the toughest jobs. Compared with other music titles version WavePad solid value for money, making it an obvious choice for our gold.
set During installation you will be asked for additional or complementary software titles like MixPad, CD burner and ripper or choose Express Switch Audio Converter. But none of them needed to use the program.
The installation itself is very simple process. With a few clicks you are ready to begin to change. We found no problems with the installation of our tests on both our Windows Vista or Mac OS X Snow Leopard machines.
The usual types of effects / audio editing tools are WavePad in silence, fade, fade, cut, copy, and echo. What? S WavePad different from the ease with which you can make contributions. complex menu boxes featuring the most professional audio editing suite has been replaced by simple parameter setting, automatic. In our tests we have found that learning is much weaker than other software titles Sony Sound Forge audio editing.
If you are an aspiring sound engineer, or more advanced users, it is worth keeping an eye out for settings. There are many places that are built advanced to justify its use for more complex audio version.
WavePad is great wave recorder integrated with features such as voice control. The program can also record directly from the Internet through your sound card and file formats When growing with regular updates.
Author ringtone format If you are passionate call WavePad AOS construction of particular interest, which means that you can use your favorite song or sound file personalized mobile phone ringtone.
WavePad includes standard features such as cut, copy and paste parts of recording and insert silence, fade in / out and auto-tuning. It also supports stereo or mono load, 6000 to 96000Hz sampling rate and includes a practice CD Ripper.
It allows you to create computer-generated speech any text you type in the editor, called text-to-speech. The computer must be installed speech engine to access this function (already installed on most Windows and Mac OSX machine). We got a text-to-speech feature is very entertaining during the tests.
simple operation
When have managed to create a sound editor that has all Mac or Windows users immediately feel comfortable with. With easy access to the editing and layout options conscious, WavePad is a fast, efficient, and – last but not least, Ai-use audio editor aove we tested.
Help and Support
After an extensive FAQ section on its website, help files and forums users to answer most questions. Help Files reach the whole concept of the general speed of sound, and the sampling frequency.
But full technical support quite expensive. NCH ​​prepayment, supporting multiple levels of model begins with a pile of money (up to 3 email, 10 minutes each, and must be used within 30 days), gold and platinum aid levels consistent with price tags.
Despite the expensive technical assistance package, we think WavePad is valuable. Because many active user forums, help files and some questions on their website, it seems unlikely that you would pay for additional support anyway. When have managed to create a sound editor that will appeal to both novice and expert – that our best option WavePad.

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