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It is known that visitors do not decide to do business or not in seconds to display your website.They are looking for third marking allows the company is reliable and safe to handle.Stamps can rely on a third party to make all the difference if a visitor comes to the site enough confidence to make a purchase or not. In fact, studies have shown that trust seals can increase your sales by up to 30. In some cases, moreScott Brandley, specializing in strategic conversion solutions website recently said ‘More than 71 of online shoppers specifically looking for third labeling when they visit the website’ (based on recent surveys by Consumer Reports).One of the biggest problems is that the most reliable seals is that they are too expensive and beyond the reach of most website owners.Services such as online accreditation, Verisign, TRUSTe, McAfee and charge $ 1.299 to over $ 8,000 per year per seal appears on your site.

Therefore, BusinessChek established … to services trustmark are affordable to anyone who owns wesbite. We also offer discounts for multiple owners of trusted sites … Seal another provider offers this feature.Our trustmark gives a ‘thumbs up place on the need for visitors to buy with confidence!

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