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Gospelpioneers.Com Coupons,Pioneers Black Gospel Music Album…Moses Mahlangu, of Soweto, South Africa, patiently but surely waited sixteen years for baptism. When he talks about his long wait to join the Church, Brother Mahlangu compared to Cornelius, who said ‘very good expects to receive the word of God, or a member of the Church until the angels came and told what to do. ‘(See Acts 10: 1-7). Today, sixty years, Moses gardener temple of South Africa in Johannesburg, where he attended regularly. He is also president of the Quorum of the elders of the Soweto Branch.Veli Mahlangu is just one of the many Africans have been blessed revelation to President Spencer W. Kimball announced the June 1978 edition of the blessings of the priesthood and the temple to all worthy men. Revelation was a great eternal significance.Later it turned out that the Lord not only had to shed his prophet Spirit, but a time of submitting his Spirit of African people, who had been waiting for the blessings and ordinances of the gospel for a long time.President of the African mission in 1978 when the First Presidency announced the revelation on the priesthood. Since there was a black male members of the mission of the Church, the revelation had no significant direct effect on the church there. But it soon became evident that the Lord had blessed the African people of the same Spirit who shed his Spirit to the people of the time of the First Vision of Joseph Smith. Many were ready to receive the Gospel message.

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