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Master reservation booking software is designed for use in hotels, motels, guest houses, hostels, campsites, cabins and camping king and the world.Book Master version 6.02 and the version 6:02 Master Pro (Windows 8 support) is now available Click here for version comparison. The release also includes support for Windows Vista and Windows 7, continuous availability calendar and many other improvements.Click here to download 30-day trial version is fully functionalDid you have days when you had to refuse a booking because it already held booked for one will realize later that the guest or a ‘no show’ and after investigation it was discovered that there was a guaranteed reservation?

That’s why we created this software. You are presented with a particular color code sheet provides instant information about the availability of your room and warranty status, which reduces the risk of errors.The software is easy to use.We believe that if you can not understand a piece of software for five minutes, which is too complicated to be used more appropriately. With this in mind we developed Reservation Master to be so easy to use, working in less than ten minutes.The book is based on a piece of paper box and pen book most people know.Multilingual, use their own languageYou can choose from five languages ‚Äč‚Äčaccumulation or to download and install additional language files as needed. You can also create your own translation by editing the language file.- Applications English, based on the language of the program. The Help files are written in English.

easy to export the selected data, which can then be used in other applications of your choice. In many cases, you can just click on the Excel to export the selected Excel spreadsheet.Learn to income and employment levels by pressing a buttonThe software will generate reports for you exactly the information you have on your income and rental information. Besides this profession, the book leash high.Create a site occupancy.On the Schedule tab, you can create a web page that shows the state of occupation, they can adapt and upload them to your site. Click here to see the look on the website. In addition, reports can be generated to provide environmental information.Version 6:02 Maestro supports backup to interact with the site caretaker allows you to access the major online booking sites like Expedia life,, HRS, Hotelbeds, Orbitz, Agoda and many others. for this registration, the caretaker place and accept the terms. Note that this option must be installed separately and is not part of the exhibition.Click here to download the manual interface.Version 6:02 supports Maestro reserves the ability to interact with Staah STAAH Channel Channel Manager links to third party websites lead the world, such as, Expedia and on three points of access.
This eliminates the time-manipulation and manual handling of each site. For this feature to work, you must register Staah and accept the terms. Note that this option must be installed separately and is not part of the exhibition.Click here to download the manual interface.Version 6:02 supports Maestro reserve the possibility to interact with the Channel Manager UseRoss UseRoss Channel will manage all equipment from one central location with the help of our strong technology. Motel synchronize inventory through various channels so that you can maximize the occupancy rate. Now you can take your room elsewhere. This site provides guidance, information and support to members UseROSS. For this feature to work, you must register UseRoss and accept the terms. Note that this option must be installed separately and is not part of the rental demo.I eight apartments in Cocoa Beach, trying to find a program that you can use on my income is expected to hold. As you know, there is something quite difficult to search the Internet to find. I am very happy to find the book Master Pro. I took advantage of the 30 day trial, I found things that work for me, so I sent an email to technical support in Pro Master and reserve in a very short time Martian email me a solution. (What a great feeling when you know you’re going to get that kind of support.)We drove to say what a great application developed. It was nice, but the practical application for use in reception. What a well-planned system attractive. Our team uses in our hotel with 12 rooms. A tireless help and support have been an advantage for us – because I’m too busy to read the manual. I recommend the program to anyone looking for a good book thought control.

Best wishes, John & Victoria

Tim Richardson, Rich Beachside Hotel & Bar Swing Samui

Hello Martian SiteMinder system works well. You can see the system since March 2013 burning cover almost every month so far in 2013 compared with 2012.I bought the book Champions is about six months. Since then, the program has made all promised. Martian email support if needed (usually because I do not read the manual) great – thanks Martian. I can recommend this program wholeheartily. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.Anthony bowlHollow Area Tourist ParkI could not thank them enough for all the help. You are such a nice person to work with. And of course, I would recommend that anyone thinking of getting your system. cardiacAfter a while we got used to the system and to praise. We can happily recommend the Master Reserve anyone in our industry, the exceptional level of the report. The support is also excellent.I thought to send a message that it is a good product. I have a pub / small hotel on the island of Anglesey in north Wales, and download trial package. Glad we liked the expected 30-day trial period, you can purchase the Pro version and never looked back since. It is simple and easy to use and can generate reports that are very useful. Thanks for making my life easier. Do not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone. Just amazing !!!!


I just want to say that it is a wonderful program Goldhill use software. It is very easy to use (the reserve, to establish a new product to modify customer data, etc.) jamb packed with features and very good support itself. It would be one of the ‘value for money’ best software I bought. Martian attack.I used the most important reserve for two years and I am very happy with the product. This is exactly what I need to run my business effectively. Recently I had a small problem that seemed to lose all my data, but the first contact you, I was guidance and support during the process to restore all my data ‘lost’. Support and help he gave me during the whole process is very valuable.

You responded immediately by phone or e-mail and made sure that I’m on the right track as soon as possible. Provide backup support is first class and any extra costs, which is very important for our small businesses.Congratulations provision for product and ongoing support.With the information we have now, is a Master reservation is recommended and we believe that in a class of product, support, value and quality.

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