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Organizing Photos to Keep Your Memories Alive

Organize Your Photos Without Losing Your Mind


We have years and years of photos that never made it into a movie of the developers of the envelopes?
Do you have old magnetic photo albums that are turning yellow and cause damage to your photos?
Make the eyes into the boxes and hide the images, are a chaos?

I was thinking about how to organize old photos inherited when you are already tired of your collection?

You dont have a lot of items and news articles that you want to save, but I dont know how to store safely?

Do you feel frustrated from having to dig around the cells of the search of a certain image of the wine with empty hands?

Sugar, or still for the photo, because I dont know where to put the other photos?
Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and guilty for outofcontrol photo collection?That is why we created Save your Photos and your sanity™, a stepbystep to organize and protect your entire photo collection in just 10 days without losing the head!!! I knew that there were many people that were affected with the seemingly monumental (.k. this monumental), the mission to organize the photos.

It is a lot of work to make the peace. We all need support, encouragement, and, also, the feeling that we are not alone in our struggle. Then, go to confession . . . We need to Save your Photos and your sanity™ how to do it!

Im open, to create the most complete and fun program that you can and like you, we will try to follow your tips! I say this not to ask ourselves if we really are able to help, but in a way that you can understand that in our imperfection, we are well prepared to help you. Today, we are able to provide to the organization of the photos was easy for us?

How is it possible to put in relation with the needs if we could organize photographs as easily as we can breathe?

We are able to understand, that I am not you. We are a people who, until a while ago, I felt overwhelmed with the task of organizing our massive photo collections.

I found some of the answers, because I need answers.

We have dedicated two years to uncovering each board, every secret, every possible method to simplify the process of organize and preserve precious photos and memories.

And after writing Save your Photos and your sanity™ and following our own advice ;), we can say with pride that not so perfect photo gallery are organized in a way!!!!!

Not perfectly organized, but very reasonably organized, and I was able to do it, once and for all, following the instructions that appear in the book.

Our photo collections may not be perfect, but they are safely organized in a way that makes sense to us. Finally, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we are protected by our family, the most precious.

We are very excited to share what I have learned, so that you can get your photos organized, once and for all, and then you can enjoy peace of mind.

Save your Photos and your sanity™ is more than a book, more like a stepbystep, and is delivered in electronic format to your computer, then you can start immediately!Find out what the napand, also, the attempts of the organizationthat can destroy your collection of photos!

It is evident that the lack of action, that can destroy the beautiful photos, but is it possible to believe that the attempts of the organization can be, in fact, accelerates the deterioration of the image? This photo was stored in a standard photo envelope, which was provided by the film development of the company. Many photography enthusiasts that are based on these envelopes to store photos, the saved. This is a big mistake!!!!!

This photo was weak and damaged by acid in the film. The clear line to distinguish if it indicates the location of the photo on the card in an envelope.I know the secrets to organize photos quickly and easily! Many people feel oppressed because it is organize your photos, are simply excluded.

For some people it is so bad, that, in reality, stop to take photos, because you do not want to add to the chaos!

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